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Martin Rogers' passion for photography has taken him around the world. Along with his camera, he has trekked the Sahara and the Amazon, the Arctic and Antarctica.  No matter how exotic the location of his shoots, there has remained one constant:  Martin's uncanny ability to capture the essence of his subjects on film.

Following his first full-time position at the Raleigh News and Observer--where he took the bus to assignments because he wasn't old enough for a driver's license--Martin went on to win National Geographic Magazine's coveted college internship.  At the age of twenty-two, he became one of the Geographic's youngest fulltime photographers.

In his twelve years with the magazine, Martin's assignments took him to Japan, Kenya, Peru, Morocco, South Pacific, Scandinavia, Sudan, Nepal, Spitsbergen, and the Falkland Islands, to  name a few.  His "The Potato" story alone spanned five continents.  After leaving National Geographic, Martin spent fourteen years doing advertising photography in New York and in San Francisco.

Martin has now opened his own studio in Dallas, Texas.  Even when he and his camera aren't on the road, the joy photography holds for him remains the same.  Martin's talent for capturing the personality of his subjects on film is--as it always has been--the hallmark of his work.